Great mash-up by James Hance.



I’ve never seen a better x-mas sweater. FromĀ reddit. Merry Christmas.


Winnie The Hutt



Via deviantARTist Kenny Durkin.

Lego Pop Culture Portraits

Awesome pop culture portraits by Lego artist Chris McVeigh. Click the link to see the greatest Cookie Monster ever.


Tauntaun Rug



This doesn’t need much explanation. Via @autumnbuck.


Yes, this truly is as awesome as you think it is. Via picotekdesign.


Little Miss Star Wars

YEEEESSSS. Tell me this isn’t amazing. Credit to Josh Lange. He’s also got an awesome Star Trek/Star Wars poster mash-up there as well.littlemissstarwars

Boba Fett Mixer

YESSSSS. This is amazing.

bobafettCourtesy of deviantARTist tommyfilth.


Star Wars Travel Posters


Star Wars-themed travel posters in the manner of American ’50s advertising. Don Draper would come up with something a bit more creative, nonetheless, these reminded me of him. All credit goes to Steve Thomas Art & Illustrations; take a minute to poke around the site, he’s got some other fantastic work.

Movie Maps


This is a pretty cool thing. Blogger/artist Andrew DeGraff made these path posters through the plots of the Indiana Jones trilogy and the good Star Wars trilogy. Posted is the map of Empire Strikes Back.

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