Great mash-up by James Hance.



Winnie The Hutt



Via deviantARTist Kenny Durkin.

Willy Wocka

T-shirt design by Kenny Durkin. The dude is a killer mash-up artist, and his blog has loads of fantastic artwork. Especially love Piggy as Veruca Salt.

fozzie willy wonka

Daft Punk x Michael Jackson

Not everything on the Internet is awful. Some of it is unexpectedly incredible.

Little Miss Star Wars

YEEEESSSS. Tell me this isn’t amazing. Credit to Josh Lange. He’s also got an awesome Star Trek/Star Wars poster mash-up there as well.littlemissstarwars

Get ready for a glut of Super Mario Bros. posts. READY BREAK.

Hungry Hungry Hippos is awesome enough, but turn it into Hungry Hungry Koopa, done by Kodykoala and I could lose myself in this for hours.

This is the most beautiful work of art I’ve ever laid eyes on. Godzilla rampaging through a Thomas Kinkade village. All credit goes to Ron Lemen.

I love this. WordPress/Flickr user Egerbver takes Star Wars figurines and recreates famous movie posters, album covers, moments in history, etc. Fantastic stuff. Check out more at his site. And click here for the inspiration for this photo.

Dark Knight by Hitchcock

Just another tribute to the magnificence of Christopher Nolan’s filmmaking. This is the opening scene of The Dark Knight set to the opening music of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. The first few minutes bizarrely sync up like clockwork. A huge fluke or did Nolan intend to insert the most random easter eggs ever?

M. C. Escher x Lego Star Wars

Don’t know the kid’s name, but he has recreated Escher’s “Relativity” with a Lego Star Wars theme. Freakin’ cool. So many perfect details. My favorite is Luke’s cut-off hand (spoiler) tumbling down with his lightsaber. Way more photos here.

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