500 points.

This is remarkable. YouTube user NotEntirelySure┬ámanaged to beat Super Mario Bros. with only 500 points. That means he/she doesn’t get a single coin, kill a single enemy, bust a single block, and he finishes every level by hitting the flag as low as possible, with literally ZERO seconds left on the clock. If you’ve played this game before, you’ll know immediately how insane this is. Watch below, but be warned, it gets INTENSE when the Hammer Bros. show up in World 8-3.


Super Mario stuff.

Three awesome things:

1. Piranha Plant Pops via Cakecrumbs.me. These have to be insanely delicious.


2. 1-Up Mushroom Pizza Rolls via Kitchen Overlord.


3. Mario/Lego/Gamer-themed wedding via Vancity Bride. Props to Sarah and Chris for being ridiculously creative for their wedding. Look through their other pictures, looks like the day was great fun.


Mario Propaganda Posters

Mario Propaganda Posters

Mario-inspired art is awesome, and this is no exception. A set of WWII-era propaganda posters extolling the virtues of Bowser’s Army. My favorite is the middle one, “One touch is all it takes!” Via the Fro Design Co Store blog. Tons of great pop culture mash-up prints done by this artist. Really awesome work.

Real Life Bowser

Real Life Bowswer

This is freaking awesome. Credit DeviantARTist Dragonfly929.

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