You cannot wield it, it has no other master!

This is just one of many incredibly geeky fan projects over at the LOTR Project. I just spent half an hour looking at different features there, and I could easily get lost for hours.



Eye of Sauron Cake

Eye of Sauron Cake

There is no life in the void…only death. And hopefully cake.

Via Neatorama.

Lord of the Rings Family Tree

Lord of the Rings Family Tree

You cannot wield this, It has no other master!

Holy cow. This is incredible. A looong time ago (on my old blog) I posted a link to a Google-like map of Middle Earth, but that was nothing. This is a family tree of essentially every character from Tolkein’s epic. The amount of work that went into this is truly breathtaking. LOTR is the best.

“This isn’t ash on my f…

“This isn’t ash on my forehead. I got dick-slapped by the Balrog.”


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