The Making of Great Album Art

This is a really cool video about the making of the album artwork for John Mayer’s Born And Raised. David A. Smith is a UK-based craftsman who works with glass embossing, gilding and sign-making. His work has a turn-of-the-century aesthetic. It is remarkable to see this guy’s work procedure and this video is only 18 minutes, with awesome instrumental tracks from Born And Raised. I highly recommend it.


Gotta Get Drunk – Willie Nelson

John Mayer recently posted this on his Tumblr. While this video doesn’t excite me as much as other influences JM has posted, I’m still intrigued to see what his new record is going to sound like. It is safe to say I despise modern day country music, yet in the last year I have become surprisingly fond of country & western from the ’60s and ’70s. Kenny Rogers, kind of John Prine, but tons John Denver. JM has also said that his new record is going to be very western, acoustic, under-the-stars kind of record, so I’m excited to see how he handles incorporating a new genre into his canon. Can’t be soon enough! Get to it JM.

Watch the video here.


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