Voodoo Vinyl Reissue…

Voodoo Vinyl Reissue...

VINYL REISSUE. Greatest Christmas present idea ever, and for only $18? What a steal. Courtesy of Light in the Attic Records and OkayPlayer.


The Live Return

The Live Return

D’Angelo has announced his first U.S. live show in 10 years. If this isn’t a sign that his comeback is actually happening, then nothing is. If he follows this up with an announcement of a real, verified release date for his new album, I will probably have 4 strokes and then die of happiness.

Second Coming: D’Angelo Live

Second Coming: D’Angelo Live

This is a fantastic review of a recent live show of the unparalleled D’Angelo. Written by Simon Day for OkayPlayer, it’s a well-written, succinct yet thorough appraisal of the comeback we have been teased with for the last few years. It includes videos of the performance, and judging by those and Day’s review, the waiting was worth it. I cannot express how excited I am to hear the album version of Sugar Daddy. It sounds unlike anything I have ever heard. Take as long as you need to get this album right, D. I will wait as long as is necessary.

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