Batman Vs. Superman

This is one million times better than whatever a studio exec will greenlight as the poster for this movie. Credit to Matt Ferguson.



The Usual Suspects

Batman villians in old school mugshots. Pictured below is The Joker. SO AWESOME. Via jempix.


Batman or The Joker?

Batman or The Joker?

A zillion props to Flickr user torgugick. This is such an ingenious Lego creation.

Dark Knight by Hitchcock


Just another tribute to the magnificence of Christopher Nolan’s filmmaking. This is the opening scene of The Dark Knight set to the opening music of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. The first few minutes bizarrely sync up like clockwork. A huge fluke or did Nolan intend to insert the most random easter eggs ever?

Wolverine or 2 Batmans?

Wolverine or 2 Batmans?

2 Batmans obviously. Don’t know who did this, but they are mostly like a nerd. Via Neatorama.

Best Kickflip in History

Best Kickflip in History

This is an incredible photo. Heath Ledger and Christian Bale killing time, in full costume, between takes of one of the most powerfully momentous scenes in The Dark Knight. Every time I see him inhabit The Joker, it gives me a real chill. It is the most affecting role I’ve ever seen in a movie. Via @nealbrennan, via @suicidalidol.

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