Victor Vasilev’s Kub Basin. Via Homes and Hues. I’d like this in my bathroom.



Batman Vs. Superman

This is one million times better than whatever a studio exec will greenlight as the poster for this movie. Credit to Matt Ferguson.


Lego Pop Culture Portraits

Awesome pop culture portraits by Lego artist Chris McVeigh. Click the link to see the greatest Cookie Monster ever.


Willy Wocka

T-shirt design by Kenny Durkin. The dude is a killer mash-up artist, and his blog has loads of fantastic artwork. Especially love Piggy as Veruca Salt.

fozzie willy wonka

“What I Likes”

I’m not the biggest fan of remixes; I don’t really have much against them, it’s just that I rarely am interested enough to listen to them in earnest. However, I occasionally stumble across an exception (like “Garden Of Your Mind“), and this is definitely one of them. All composed of sounds of Mary Poppins. Via Nick Bertke, aka Pogo. He’s got lots of great stuff on his page.

Should we pull that dent out? No…I’ve got a much better idea. Via here.


Dylan Map

Thank you Slate, you made a remarkable detailed and informative interactive map of every location sung about by Bob Dylan. This is only a picture of the map, this will take you to the actual mapScreen Shot 2013-07-20 at 1.34.42 PM

Super Mario stuff.

Three awesome things:

1. Piranha Plant Pops via These have to be insanely delicious.


2. 1-Up Mushroom Pizza Rolls via Kitchen Overlord.


3. Mario/Lego/Gamer-themed wedding via Vancity Bride. Props to Sarah and Chris for being ridiculously creative for their wedding. Look through their other pictures, looks like the day was great fun.


Happy Birthday…

This perfectly illustrates the total usefulness of a birthday card. From reddit user shelliexo.


Tauntaun Rug



This doesn’t need much explanation. Via @autumnbuck.


Twitter Updates

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