3-D Newspaper Ad

This is nearly too high-concept to actually be an effective ad, but once you get it, it sure is cool. This is an ad for Corona Kitchen, done by Felipe Salazar of Sancho BBDO in Colombia. The normal classifieds have been morphed to create a 3-D image of a kitchen.



Willy Wocka

T-shirt design by Kenny Durkin. The dude is a killer mash-up artist, and his blog has loads of fantastic artwork. Especially love Piggy as Veruca Salt.

fozzie willy wonka

Should we pull that dent out? No…I’ve got a much better idea. Via here.


Dylan Map

Thank you Slate, you made a remarkable detailed and informative interactive map of every location sung about by Bob Dylan. This is only a picture of the map, this will take you to the actual mapScreen Shot 2013-07-20 at 1.34.42 PM

Super Mario stuff.

Three awesome things:

1. Piranha Plant Pops via Cakecrumbs.me. These have to be insanely delicious.


2. 1-Up Mushroom Pizza Rolls via Kitchen Overlord.


3. Mario/Lego/Gamer-themed wedding via Vancity Bride. Props to Sarah and Chris for being ridiculously creative for their wedding. Look through their other pictures, looks like the day was great fun.


Benedict Cabbagepatch

If you don’t find this hilarious, I highly recommend watching Sherlock. You’ll be hooked with the first episode. It’s available to stream on Netflix.benedictcabbagepatchI have no idea to whom to give credit, but I saw it on Neatorama.


I know the Internet and all your friends were freaking out a week or so ago when “Season 4” of Arrested Development was released on Netflix. And while my jury is still out on the new episodes (I’ve only gotten through about half of them), let’s take a look at the most impressive breakdown of in-jokes and self-referential humor of the show. Recurring Developments is an interactive visualization of the running jokes in the Seasons 1-3 of Arrested Development. You can break it down by episode (and it shows every reference to all running jokes in that particular episode) or you can highlight individual running jokes and see which episodes they are referenced in. It’s wildly nerdy but pretty awesome. Go spend five minutes and you’ll find yourself laughing.

I’m going to start sitting down this way.

A Visual History of Daft Punk’s Helmets

This is exactly as awesome as it sounds. Via The Daft Club. Lots more pictures like the one below, including descriptions.


This is a brilliant ad campaign by The History Channel. Modern times blended with history. More scenes here, and they are just as cool.


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