SJC Custom Drums, out of Massachusetts, have managed to create the coolest kit I’ve ever seen. This was custom built for NYC-based punk band One Fell Swoop.



“What I Likes”

I’m not the biggest fan of remixes; I don’t really have much against them, it’s just that I rarely am interested enough to listen to them in earnest. However, I occasionally stumble across an exception (like “Garden Of Your Mind“), and this is definitely one of them. All composed of sounds of Mary Poppins. Via Nick Bertke, aka Pogo. He’s got lots of great stuff on his page.

Dylan Map

Thank you Slate, you made a remarkable detailed and informative interactive map of every location sung about by Bob Dylan. This is only a picture of the map, this will take you to the actual mapScreen Shot 2013-07-20 at 1.34.42 PM

If you read one album review of Kanye West’s Yeezus, PLEASE make it this one. Big Ghost has reviewed several albums for Okayplayer, and they are all AMAZING. This is the first sentence of his review of J. Cole’s new album:

Ayo whattup you now in the presence of the divine colossal Lord of Lasers aka the mighty Hands of Zeus aka the grand imperial Cocaine Biceps aka Sir Isaac Broccoli Bundles aka the majestic luxurious Phantom Raviolis the god…otherwise known as the magnificent Galaxy Knuckles or Shampoo Bracelets the panty melter aka the one n only Volcano Hands but you can call me Big Ghost namsayin.

Sir Isaac Broccoli Bundles?! And each review only gets better from the introduction. Enjoy.

Yeezus – Kanye West

Born Sinner – J. Cole

20/20 Experience – Justin Timberlake

Long.Live.A$AP – A$AP Rocky

IANAHB 2 – Lil Wayne

Wolf – Tyler, The Creator

Cruel Summer – G.O.O.D. Music

Daft Punk x Michael Jackson

Not everything on the Internet is awful. Some of it is unexpectedly incredible.

The Making of Great Album Art

This is a really cool video about the making of the album artwork for John Mayer’s Born And Raised. David A. Smith is a UK-based craftsman who works with glass embossing, gilding and sign-making. His work has a turn-of-the-century aesthetic. It is remarkable to see this guy’s work procedure and this video is only 18 minutes, with awesome instrumental tracks from Born And Raised. I highly recommend it.

Voodoo Vinyl Reissue…

Voodoo Vinyl Reissue...

VINYL REISSUE. Greatest Christmas present idea ever, and for only $18? What a steal. Courtesy of Light in the Attic Records and OkayPlayer.

Just Blaze is Number 4 on my Top 5 Favorite Producers list. This entry in the Crate Diggers series by Fuse explains why.

Oh yeah, for a minute I forgot David Ryan Harris has one of the strongest and most versatile voices around. Gosh he is great.

The Live Return

The Live Return

D’Angelo has announced his first U.S. live show in 10 years. If this isn’t a sign that his comeback is actually happening, then nothing is. If he follows this up with an announcement of a real, verified release date for his new album, I will probably have 4 strokes and then die of happiness.

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