500 points.

This is remarkable. YouTube user NotEntirelySure¬†managed to beat Super Mario Bros. with only 500 points. That means he/she doesn’t get a single coin, kill a single enemy, bust a single block, and he finishes every level by hitting the flag as low as possible, with literally ZERO seconds left on the clock. If you’ve played this game before, you’ll know immediately how insane this is. Watch below, but be warned, it gets INTENSE when the Hammer Bros. show up in World 8-3.


Get ready for a glut of Super Mario Bros. posts. READY BREAK.

Hungry Hungry Hippos is awesome enough, but turn it into Hungry Hungry Koopa, done by Kodykoala and I could lose myself in this for hours.

Organ Trail

That title isn’t a typo, it’s the actual name of a nostalgic game very much like the earliest versions of¬†Oregon Trail. A zombie apocalypse has ravaged North America, and it’s up to you and your party to travel across the country to get to Safe Haven, OR. Along the way you try to stay healthy, keep your car working, hunt/trade for food/supplies, and avoid zombie hoards. Pretty sweet. I got all the way to Safe Haven and then died in the ensuing finale fight. I didn’t have the motivation to play through again, but it was fun while it lasted. CHECK IT OUT.

Via Neatorama.

I Shot the Serif!

I Shot the Serif!

This is a completely mindless game that loses its charm after about 45 seconds, but the title made it worth sharing. Via Neatorama.

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