Daft Punk x Michael Jackson

Not everything on the Internet is awful. Some of it is unexpectedly incredible.


You cannot wield it, it has no other master!

This is just one of many incredibly geeky fan projects over at the LOTR Project. I just spent half an hour looking at different features there, and I could easily get lost for hours.


Yes, this truly is as awesome as you think it is. Via picotekdesign.


Little Miss Star Wars

YEEEESSSS. Tell me this isn’t amazing. Credit to Josh Lange. He’s also got an awesome Star Trek/Star Wars poster mash-up there as well.littlemissstarwars

This is a brilliant ad campaign by The History Channel. Modern times blended with history. More scenes here, and they are just as cool.


The Making of Great Album Art

This is a really cool video about the making of the album artwork for John Mayer’s Born And Raised. David A. Smith is a UK-based craftsman who works with glass embossing, gilding and sign-making. His work has a turn-of-the-century aesthetic. It is remarkable to see this guy’s work procedure and this video is only 18 minutes, with awesome instrumental tracks from Born And Raised. I highly recommend it.

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