Voodoo Vinyl Reissue…

Voodoo Vinyl Reissue...

VINYL REISSUE. Greatest Christmas present idea ever, and for only $18? What a steal. Courtesy of Light in the Attic Records and OkayPlayer.


Steinway Fountain

Steinway Fountain

The best repurposing of a broken piano I could possibly imagine. From Piano World.

Book Tree

Book Tree

Great idea for a future spare room. From books & cupcakes.

Krang o’ Lantern

Krang o' Lantern

I know I’m a minute late on the Halloween posts, but THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING. Seriously never seen a better pumpkin carving. Go check out #MikeVDesign’s Tumblr. Not lots of posts but good, good stuff.

R2-D2 Vespa

R2-D2 Vespa

Oh wait, riding a normal Vespa isn’t as geeky as you can get?

High Trestle Trail Bridge

High Trestle Trail Bridge

This bridge in small town central Iowa is getting some serious press¬†for being super awesome (I actually found this piece on Neatorama). Haven’t visited it yet but it’s on our list.

Just Blaze is Number 4 on my Top 5 Favorite Producers list. This entry in the Crate Diggers series by Fuse explains why.

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