“My least favorite type of eavesdropping is 2 Beatles fans reciting Beatles trivia that they both already know to each other.'”



By design, R2-D2 must be a very easily-manipulated aesthetic, because I’ve featured the R2 Turntable, an R2 Guitar, and an R2 coffeemaker. However, I’m not sure this can be topped. High fives to the tailgaters at LSU who made this, featured on the¬†Kegs ‘N Eggs blog.

“The Joey Fatone or the Joey Fat One?”

@the_ironsheik, RT’d by @Andy_Richter

“Man, the dudes that come to your house when you push that Life Alert button have no sense of humor!”


“In stores I ask r u hiring & they say yes & I say great , ’cause I’m looking for a fart-time job & I let one rip, my kids hate it & me”


“The Doobie Brothers reunion is in 17 hours. Someone’s kidnapped Michael McDonald. Now Liam Neeson is…TAKEN: IT TO THE STREETS.”

@pattonoswalt, and if I had actual Twitter I would Retweet this or Favorite it or whatever Twitter people do when they TRULY love a tweet.

“The leading cause of death in 1926 was being hit by a spinning newspaper graphic.”


We had a pretty delish cake, but Colls and I really missed out on a golden opportunity for our wedding reception. More cakes here.

I have a compulsive desire to jump on the top of this thing. This one is just as good. From Erika Iris Simmons’ “Ghost in the Machine” series.

Maybe not Super Mario Bros. specific, but close enough. Can’t wait to retire and build something like this. Major props to MSRaynsford.

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