“‘Ats-a no moon!’ #italianstereotypeStarWars”



“re-discovered this gem as i was scheduling some things for next month… http://instagram.com/p/PsfeoESy7q/ #parent trap”


Oh yeah, for a minute I forgot David Ryan Harris has one of the strongest and most versatile voices around. Gosh he is great.

“That awkward moment where you begin a tweet with ‘That awkward moment’ & a benevolent God erases you from earth’s face with Fire.”


“We believe that you are a full human being from the second that you are conceived until the second you are gay. #RNC2012”

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This is an oddly mesmerizing video. This UK-based artist, Sue Austin, has gotten her wheelchair completely equipped for underwater…floating? I’m not sure what you call it. But it allows her to explore underwater. Pretty sweet. Video link here. Via the Smithsonian.

“‘THERE’S BLOOD EVERYWHERE!’ – blood drive organizer stoked on a better than expected turnout.”

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“How do people who love guns come to terms with mass shootings? http://t.co/44QDVdux// They go to Waffle House?”

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“I feel ‘humbled’ when life shits on me. Celebrities feel ‘humbled’ when they’re given an award. That seems better.”


This is the most beautiful work of art I’ve ever laid eyes on. Godzilla rampaging through a Thomas Kinkade village. All credit goes to Ron Lemen.

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