“Feel bad. For a few minutes today, I forgot about Dre. :(“


“<climbing under trampoline> This shall keep me safe from the hot Mexican sun.”


Talk about throwback organization. Love this thing.

“The song’s original title was ‘What a Wonderful World, with the Exception of This Rather Serious Frog in My Throat.'”


“My favorite song is the one where Nicki Minaj sounds like a frightened deaf guy reading a Mad Lib.”

@robfee, RT’d by @andy_richter

Super Mario 64 Stars

Super Mario 64 Stars

If I had a gigantic room that was completely full of things that I love, this print would be in a humongous frame on the wall. So much nostalgia contained in this for me. Mad props to deviantARTist kitsovereign.

“Here’s a joke we wrote as a family at dinner tonight: ‘BRANS!’ – health-conscious zombie”


“Sometimes I think ‘I’m a good dad’ until I remember what Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith have done for Willow & Jaden & then I know I’m not.”


This makes me want to run. Good job, Nike. Via Scotty Crowe.

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