“Every day I live with t…

“Every day I live with the fear that for some terrible reason I will have to see The Artist again.”



“Motorcycle is a fancy w…

“Motorcycle is a fancy word for ‘fart that takes you places.'”

@fleshcake, RT’d by @pattonoswalt

“‘Be the Droid YOU’RE …

“‘Be the Droid YOU’RE Looking For’ — #1 bestselling robot self-help book on Tatooine


Dark Knight by Hitchcock

Just another tribute to the magnificence of Christopher Nolan’s filmmaking. This is the opening scene of The Dark Knight set to the opening music of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. The first few minutes bizarrely sync up like clockwork. A huge fluke or did Nolan intend to insert the most random easter eggs ever?

“‘No means no’: sexual…

“‘No means no’: sexual harassment seminar or intro Spanish course?”


“Your dorm room wall is …

“Your dorm room wall is just a gallery of things you’ll hate in ten years.”

@KaseyAnderson, RT’d by @Andy_Richter

“Where in the hell is Br…

“Where in the hell is Brendan Fraser?”

@MrGeorgeWallace, RT’d by @pattonoswalt

Day To Night

This is just one of the incredible photo series Day To Night by photographer Stephen Wilkes. The rest of the series is just as cool as this one.

“Having THE BEST time in…

“Having THE BEST time in Berlin!!! Oh wait I’m in a laundromat”


“My Björk is worse than…

“My Björk is worse than my bjïte”


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