“I wonder what Jason Sta…

“I wonder what Jason Statham is doing right now. Probably quietly studying a dog-eared photo of his deceased wife.”

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“‘SS’ – Nazi snake”…

“‘SS’ – Nazi snake”


Calvin and Hobbes + Bento

OK. I am continually astounded by the creativity of human beings. Bento is a single-portion takeout common in Japanese cuisine. Calvin and Hobbes is a syndicated daily comic strip that was written and illustrated by American cartoonist Bill Watterson between November 18, 1985 to December 31, 1995. This image is a amalgam of two completely separate forms of art and it is beautiful.

All credit goes to Anna The Red. Seriously great stuff.

“the zookeeper says ‘i…

“the zookeeper says ‘i’ve got good gnus and bad gnus.'”

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“they say obama is from kenya, but i haven’t seen him win a single marathon.”

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8-Bit Mario Cutting Board

In keeping with the last post, this is the greatest cutting board I’ve ever seen. I would cut and peel my carrots much more diligently if it was on this.

Credit to Etsy shop owner Jim Van Winkle, who, coincidentally, is located in Muscatine, IA. Shout out to Midwest pride.

8-Bit OK Computer

This is insane. YouTube user QuintonSung recreated Radiohead’s OK Computer and Kid A albums in the style of mid-late 80s video games. We are talking early Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. NES era video games. Too cool.

“I’ve never seen a swis…

“I’ve never seen a swish in a WNBA highlight.”


The Pixar Avengers

The Pixar Avengers

I freaking love this picture. My favorite nonexistent movie of all time.
Via Cartoon Brew.

“Did you know that more …

“Did you know that more frozen bananas are sold right here on this boardwalk than anywhere on the OC?”


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