“Damnit! Totally forgot …

“Damnit! Totally forgot that I was going to start a skateboarding ministry this weekend!”



“Heaven must be missing …

“‘Heaven must be missing an angel girl, cuz usually they dispatch a mighty angel to hunt & kill a nasty filth demon like you.'”


If You Want Me To Stay

I’ve never really fallen in love with Sly & The Family Stone but this video is awesome. His voice is a complete powerhouse.

Via David Ryan Harris’ Tumblr.

“‘If I was a sculptor. …

“‘If I was a sculptor. But then again, no…’ Hey, do a second draft of your lyrics, asshole!”

@scottaukerman, RT’d by @andy_richter

R2-D2 Turntable

R2-D2 Turntable

Thisis┬áthe droid I’m looking for.

Via Neatorama.

“When I see someone push…

“When I see someone pushing a dog in a stroller I understand why the news is filled with murder.”


Eye of Sauron Cake

Eye of Sauron Cake

There is no life in the void…only death. And hopefully cake.

Via Neatorama.

“Every class is First Cl…

“Every class is First Class if you’re classy as fuck.”


“Thinking about getting …

“Thinking about getting a third Aerosmith tattoo.”


Angry Birds in Space

Angry Birds in Space

This is an inspired example of good marketing. To promote the release of the new Angry Birds in Space game, the makers hung a giant, real-life angry bird from the Space Needle in Seattle, WA. To explain how the Angry Birds got to space in the first place, of course. Via the San Francisco Chronicle.

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