Wolverine or 2 Batmans?

Wolverine or 2 Batmans?

2 Batmans obviously. Don’t know who did this, but they are mostly like a nerd. Via Neatorama.


VW Stegosaurus

VW Stegosaurus

This is a way better use of a VW bug than actually driving it. From the Beautiful Days music festival in the UK.

“Nobody believes me that…

“Nobody believes me that my trumpet teacher in middle school was named David Shit.”


“‘I found it!’ (Dog th…

“‘I found it!’ (Dog the Bounty Hunter holds up a roll of Bounty paper towels) ‘JK team, let’s go get some bad guys.'”


“Must’ve been hard to h…

“Must’ve been hard to hear Viet Cong sneaking up on you, what with Creedence always blasting.”


“~ Swinton”…

“~ Swinton”


“‘What is love?’ – Had…

“‘What is love?’ – Haddaway on Jeopardy!”


“I bet Michael Moore far…

“I bet Michael Moore farts a lot in the booth when he’s editing his films & his employees are like ‘How badly do I need this job?'”


“When British people say…

“When British people say ‘tune’ it sounds like ‘chyoon.’ Other than that those people are OK in my book!”


Avengers at Pooh Corner

Avengers at Pooh Corner

It’s redundant for me to use the phrase “pop culture mash-up” as much as I do, but there is no better way to describe this outstanding drawing. Photo credit to deviantARTist cpwilsoniii; gallery right here.

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