“Really sad. Just found out that ALL unicorn horns are just cancerous growths.”



“It’s fun to go ‘BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!’ as you back your bum up to the toilet. Anyway, I’m a pretty lonely person.”


“I not only didn’t hear…

“I not only didn’t hear ‘The Artist’ I didn’t see it either.”


“Um, Brad, next time say…

“Um, Brad, next time say SPOILER before you ruin Gargantuas, ok? #oscars”

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Lego Charlie Brown Line Art

Lego Charlie Brown Line Art

A closer look at this is necessary to really appreciate what the artist did here. Mark Anderson is a Chicago-area artist who created this hilariously dead-on Chuck using just lego line blocks. Full break down at his blog.

Volkswagen Imperial Walker

Volkswagen Imperial Walker

I know, two Star Wars-related posts in a row seems like a bit much. But this was just too mind-blowingly awesome to pass up. Via Neatorama.

Pixar + Star Wars

Three fantastic mash up photos. All credit obviously goes to the artists. Get a load of these:


Photo credit: Pop culture mash up artist das chupa. Get a load of his blog here. He hasn’t seem to have done anything for awhile but he does have some great stuff. I particular liked his Victorian Mario Bros.


Photo credit: Another pop culture mash up artist who goes by Sillof. Blog here; seems to have more of a bent towards steampunk, but this is a great picture. I would love to hear this character say “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”


Photo credit: Andrew Chesworth. This dude is out of control. He is a trainee animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios, and his blog is packed full of sketches that look straight fromĀ 101 Dalmations era. Amazing stuff.

Cosby Street Art

Cosby Street Art

This is the greatest use of graffiti I could ever imagine. Here’s another one of Ted Danson which is just as great.

“Most crushes exist for …

“Most crushes exist for lack of information.”


Second Coming: D’Angelo Live

Second Coming: D’Angelo Live

This is a fantastic review of a recent live show of the unparalleled D’Angelo. Written by Simon Day for OkayPlayer, it’s a well-written, succinct yet thorough appraisal of the comeback we have been teased with for the last few years. It includes videos of the performance, and judging by those and Day’s review, the waiting was worth it. I cannot express how excited I am to hear the album version of Sugar Daddy. It sounds unlike anything I have ever heard. Take as long as you need to get this album right, D. I will wait as long as is necessary.

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