SJC Custom Drums, out of Massachusetts, have managed to create the coolest kit I’ve ever seen. This was custom built for NYC-based punk band One Fell Swoop.



3-D Newspaper Ad

This is nearly too high-concept to actually be an effective ad, but once you get it, it sure is cool. This is an ad for Corona Kitchen, done by Felipe Salazar of Sancho BBDO in Colombia. The normal classifieds have been morphed to create a 3-D image of a kitchen.


500 points.

This is remarkable. YouTube user NotEntirelySure managed to beat Super Mario Bros. with only 500 points. That means he/she doesn’t get a single coin, kill a single enemy, bust a single block, and he finishes every level by hitting the flag as low as possible, with literally ZERO seconds left on the clock. If you’ve played this game before, you’ll know immediately how insane this is. Watch below, but be warned, it gets INTENSE when the Hammer Bros. show up in World 8-3.

Harry Potter travel posters

Artist Caroline Hadilaksono has created these fantastic old-fashioned travel posters from Harry Potter’s wizarding world.



In general, I think advertising is the bane of modern society. Yet it is still possible to find beauty among the sludge. Bored Panda has a pretty awesome list of ads that are unexpectedly great. Here are two of my favorites.

German hat company:





If Harry Potter Lost…

Oh my gosh I wish my brain created in this way. This is the coolest freakin’ photo series I’ve seen in a while. Courtesy of this imgur user deathbystapler. These are just two of them. LOOK AT THESE:

harrypotter malfoy

Great mash-up by James Hance.


This could legitimately be the coolest tattoo I’ve ever seen.


I’ve never seen a better x-mas sweater. From reddit. Merry Christmas.


Winnie The Hutt



Via deviantARTist Kenny Durkin.

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